Welcome Hospiten!

On Tuesday, September 4th at Fusion Gourmet, ANA officially welcomed Hospiten as its largest corporate sponsor.  While we enjoyed a delicious breakfast, representatives from PV’s newest hospital spoke to ANA members about their new health program called MyHealth.

The four benefits of taking part of this new program include:

  • A triage service designed to give you 24 hour assistance as needed.
  • Emergency medical transport to Hospiten, if needed.
  • A full assessment that includes: blood pressure, blood work, urinalysis, electrocardiogram, and chest X-ray.  In-depth consultations with a nutritionist and a doctor to review your lab results.
  • Monthly consultations with Hospiten staff doctors.

What does this service cost?  Absolutely nothing until January 2019.  Then the services will be $30/month per individual.  Additionally, you can purchase the service on a monthly basis so if you’re a part-time resident you only pay for the months you’re in PV.  Great deal!

Interested in learning more about the MyHealth program?  Call 322-226-2081 and identify yourself as an ANA member.  They’ll answer your questions or set you up for an appointment.