Puerto Vallarta’s Amapas (Abedul) Stairs 

Puerto Vallarta’s Amapas (Abedul) Stairs takes on a whole new life with the launch of “Amapas Ascent: Stairway Stories,” a stunning public art project by renowned local artist Danyol León, AKA Tamale Ringwald.

This ambitious initiative goes beyond the recently completed renovations that transformed the stairs into a safer and more user-friendly passage. Amapas Ascent: Stairway Stories promises a feast for the eyes, with Tamale Ringwald weaving his artistic magic onto the well-traveled steps.

A Community Canvas

Tamale Ringwald, whose murals have become ingrained in the city’s cultural fabric, will curate a visual narrative on the Amapas Stairs. Imagine your climb becoming a journey through iconic Puerto Vallarta landmarks, each step revealing a vibrant new piece of the city’s story.

Beyond Landmarks: A Storyteller’s Touch

But Tamale Ringwald isn’t just capturing the essence of Puerto Vallarta. He infuses his work with personal narratives, drawing inspiration from his Mexican-American heritage and life as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. This unique approach promises to weave a tapestry of stories, celebrating diversity and enriching the community connection with the Amapas Stairs.

A Collaborative Effort

The Amapas Neighborhood Association, the driving force behind this project, extends its heartfelt thanks to Benjamin Moore Mexico for their generous donation of paint and supplies.

Get ready to be wowed! As Gary Green, president of the Amapas Neighborhood Association, enthusiastically shared on Facebook, “We’re about to rock the final phase! Get ready for an ‘InstaWorthy’ experience as we climb the Amapas stairs, now adorned with murals celebrating the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta!”

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