Wanna’ Make a Difference?

For over 20 years the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) has been working on improving the Amapas Colonia. Even with the pandemic, ANA remains strong. We’re taking this opportunity to let you know what we’ve done for the neighborhood lately.

Safety and Security

  • Created Amapas Neighborhood Watch for entire colonia
  • Created street-based WhatsApp groups so neighbors can communicate to each other in English
  • Safety data collected over six months clearly shows decline in crime
  • Neighborhood Watch signs available for buildings to create a visual deterrent to criminals

Responsible Development

  • Serena Development on Calle Santa Barbara – ANA received supportive responses from PRODEUR (State attorney general) regarding our concerns; PROFECA closed the development down because it did not conduct an environmental impact study
  • ANA is negotiating with Serena developer to reduce capacity.
  • ANA has positive relationship with Serena developer to ensure needs of community are met.


  • In 20 days ANA will install a new trash receptacle at Los Pinos and the Highway.
  • The Serena developer will help us secure a meeting with SEAPAL, water office.
  • Serena developer has agreed to improve Calle Santa Barbara after work is completed, revitalize stairs to beach, and maintain tree that exists in the road.
  • ANA recognized by City for its work on improving infrastructure – streets, highway, and stairs.


  • The ANA community provided 22,000 meals to 5 PV colonias for 22 weeks during the pandemic.
  • Through the generous donations of ANA members and friends, we provided much needed assistance to our community and gave to those who provided support to us when we live and play in PV.

“How does the Amapas Neighborhood Association benefit me – personally?”
Well, that’s the thing, it’s not about you personally.

It’s about our entire neighborhood.

There are approximately 127 buildings in Amapas – some condominiums and some houses. Can you imagine what we could do if every one of these buildings were members of the most powerful neighborhood association in Puerto Vallarta?

It’s unimaginable. A stronger community with visible evidence of a united community has higher property value. That’s what we all want from our investment in PV.

Membership fees are 1800 pesos for an individual or 1500 pesos for each unit in a building if you all join. That’s less than $100 USD. Given our low taxes you can be a member, help keep our roads in good shape, and as you can see from everything we’ve done – so much more.

Your membership makes us stronger.

Come on! You can do it! Click on the button below and join easily. It’s that simple.

Sylvia Toy, President
Amapas Neighborhood Association