Amapas Neighborhood Association


What’s happening with these large buildings?

URGENT UPDATE ON IRRESPONSIBLE DEVELOPMENT IN P.V. ANA receives numerous questions about condo development in P.V. and the Amapas Zone. We have selected the most commonly requested questions to answer. Q. What are the new construction developments this year?A. The most recent developments are a huge multi story building in Alta Vista at the edge […]


ANA Security Council Update

1.0 Attendance Sylvia Toy, ANA President Steve Clarke, ANA Treasurer Viviana Testón, ANA Administrator Myrna Brown, Vista Amapas Paul Shirer, Renaissance Jennifer Guitierrez, Renaissance Harris Spiridonidis, Paramount Bay Diego Ibarra, Brisas Lunar/Casa Lupe Tom Peterson, Vista Romantica Tom Carota, Bella Vista James Cox, Villas Macuaz Don Bieghler, Villa Tizoc Susan Wiseman and David Lord, Casa […]