ANA Security Council Update

1.0 Attendance
  • Sylvia Toy, ANA President
  • Steve Clarke, ANA Treasurer
  • Viviana Testón, ANA Administrator
  • Myrna Brown, Vista Amapas
  • Paul Shirer, Renaissance
  • Jennifer Guitierrez, Renaissance
  • Harris Spiridonidis, Paramount Bay
  • Diego Ibarra, Brisas Lunar/Casa Lupe
  • Tom Peterson, Vista Romantica
  • Tom Carota, Bella Vista
  • James Cox, Villas Macuaz
  • Don Bieghler, Villa Tizoc
  • Susan Wiseman and David Lord, Casa de los Arcos
  • Judy McDonald
  • Peter Sieger
2.0 The Security Council was brught together to discuss and review the recent robberies that have occurred in Amapas.

Six break-ins occurred at Brisa Lunar/Casa Lupe on Hortensias over the past two months. One break in occurred at Villas de La Colina and another at Casa de Los Suenos. Neither of these two buildings are members of the Amapas Neighborhood Association, therefore, they do not have access to the Amapas Security WhatsApp group. Their break ins are not included in our data, because they did not share the details of the incidents. They should become members.

3.0 This Security Council meeting was originally scheduled to include representatives from the police.

They were not in attendance, because it was announced the day prior to the meeting that the Marines were departing from the city. We will reschedule a meeting with them at a later date.

4.0 Two points of view were shared during the meeting in how to address these crimes.
  • 4.1 Police do not know how to do their job and we are doing their work.
  • 4.2 We are responsible for our safety.
  • 4.3 Our years of experience, our work with the Police, and the details of these various robberies support the need for ALL OF US to be responsible for our safety and security. We work as a community; however, each and every one of us MUST do what is necessary to prevent crime.
5.0 Based on the Crime Reports shared with ANA, these break ins occurred between 4:45 am and 7 am.

These hours coincide with the change in the police shifts which occur at 7 am and 7 pm.

6.0 In several cases, these were crimes of opportunity, such as an unlocked door allowed a thief to secure a set of keys to which he uses to return.
  • 7.1 Make exits more difficult. Steve Clark from Villas Loma Linda shared the card lock system which has proven to be very successful. Locksmith’s name: Carlos Cerrajero business number 52 1 222 1571 cell number 52 322 139 9188. These were purchased four years ago for four separate entrances for the cost of around $75,000 pesos. The cards costs around $50 pesos each.
  • 7.2 If security wires are cut, an alarm goes off. Susan Wiseman shared that their business (Casa de Los Arcos) uses a system where if the wires are cut, an alarm goes off. Her alarm contact is Moises Valdez Rodriguez. He can be reached at 322-323-3574 (office). His wife Anna runs the business and can be reached at 322-134-7944. Susan has worked with this small family business for several years and recommends them as TRUSTWORTHY and CARING.
  • 7.3 Increase lighting – Buildings need to light up areas to reduce dark, hiding spots.
  • 7.4 Amapas Neighborhood Watch – More buildings need to purchase and post the signs announcing that there is an Amapas Neighborhood Watch program in our area. Criminals don’t like communities that are watching out for each other.
  • 7.5 WE ARE WATCHING YOU! When a suspicious character or vehicle is announced on WhatsApp, let’s all get out and take pictures of the characters or vehicle. What a way of communicating to criminals Amapas is a community that is working together. Go some place else!
  • 7.6 Post pictures of robbers throughout the community. (NOTE: ANA cannot do this, but individuals can do so.)
  • 7.7 Building administrators communicate to owners with reminders of safety tips, i.e., lock doors and windows, etc.
  • 7.8 Purchase a motorcycle to patrol the Amapas area.
  • 7.9 Keep a set of car fobs in your unit. If suspicious character or activity, use your car alarm to scare them.

The safety and security of our residents and their property are a top priority for our community. It continues to be so even during a pandemic.

The Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) has no funds to immediately address safety and security issues in our neighborhood. We presented our budget at the 2021 Annual Meeting and identified a need for $106,500 pesos to do the following projects to increase the safety and security of Amapas:
· Implement traffic calming interventions to increase pedestrian and vehicle safety – highway painting, signage, speed reductors & crosswalk
· Increase lighting in identified areas throughout Amapas
· Continue use of Amapas Security WhatsApp
· Expand use of street-based WhatsApp programs

Please take this opportunity to DONATE to ANA so we can continue to increase the safety and security of Amapas.