What’s happening with these large buildings?


ANA receives numerous questions about condo development in P.V. and the Amapas Zone. We have selected the most commonly requested questions to answer.

Q. What are the new construction developments this year?
A. The most recent developments are a huge multi story building in Alta Vista at the edge of Amapas, SOHO. This is the tallest building we have yet to see; many stories tall, looming over Calle Insurgentes. Serena and The Creek are in Amapas. There are two new buildings in process in Conchas Chinas and several others around P.V., particularly in Versailles.

Q. We hear about PROFEPA AND PRODEUR, but do not know their functions in Mexico.
A. PROFEPA https://www.gob.mx/profepa, is PROCURADURIA FEDERAL DE PROTECCIÓN. PROFEPA so far has placed a CLAUSARDO closure on the following buildings due to lack of adequate ecological studies: Serena, SoHo, and Carmelina.

PRODEUR https://www.jalisco.gob.mx/es/gobierno/organismos/5408 is PROCURADURÍA DE DESARROLLO URBANO. It is under the state of Jalisco Jurisdiction. ANA filed a question with PRODEUR in 2020 asking if Serena met the Plan Parcial for District 9 that ANA developed in 2012. PRODEUR has responded and identified numerous differences in the permit and the legal requirements of the Plan. ANA will continue negotiations with the City and the Developer, if and when, the property is approved to return to construction by PROFEPA.

Q. What is the status of developments in the Amapas Zone and nearby?
A. Serena in Amapas remains closed by PROFEPA.

If and when it is reopened PRODEUR and ANA will work on negotiations with the developer. The Creek has no permit as of yet, but is actively selling units. SoHo closed by PROFEPA is in the Alta Vista colonia. Carmelina is in Conchas Chinas and has been closed by PROFEPA.

Q. Which groups or organizations are accomplishing all of these closures?
A. The Conchas Chinas Homeowners Association (CCHA) led the charge to bring attention to these matters at the Federal level. CCHA and their lawyer are working with PROFEPA (Federal ecological department) and have closed these illegal developments because they did not conduct the required ecological impact studies.

The ANA and CCHA have been working together on these Federal matters. However, both organizations are Civil Associations must adhere to the requirements of foreigners residing in Mexico. Your ANA Board strictly follows those guidelines.

There is an abundance of rumors and gossip that can be found online about these developments. Your ANA Board is committed to providing you with the truth based on reputable and vetted sources.

Q. How do all of these developments and closures impact ANA financially?
A. Keeping tabs on all of the developments, procuring copies of permits from the City, having an engineer and architect review the plans, takes time, energy and resources, i.e., money. At our 2021 Annual Meeting, your Board recommended a budget of 226,000 pesos to cover those expenses.

Those fees and expenses are not covered through your membership fees. Membership fees only cover ANA’s fixed costs.

Serena Development Closed!
Located on Calle Santa Barbara this development began in February 2019. Notice the water flowing from a naturally occurring stream down into the pit created by the demolition of the original building.

SoHo and Carmelina, both located on Highway 200, were recently closed by PROFEPA.

Orchid, located directly on the beach in Conchas Chinas, on the other hand, has a private lawsuit against it and it has been determined by a Federal Judge to be too tall. As a result, people who bought there cannot get their deeds, because the building does not have a legal occupancy permit.

ANA needs to raise the funds to fight irresponsible development through your generous donations. Please take a moment to reflect upon what you love about your life in Puerto Vallarta. For most of you A VIEW is at the top of the list.

The Plan Parcial for District 9 includes the colonias of Amapas, Conchas Chinas, and down the highway to Los Nogalitos. If it were not for your ANA there would not be a Plan Parcial which specifies the height and density of a building and there would be no legal recourse for CCHA to be taking these issues to Mexico City.

ANA needs your help in keeping the pressure on the City, State and Federal officials. The evidence abounds to show what happens when we work together.

Please donate today to keep ANA in the fight to ensure responsible development is supported and maintained in our beautiful piece of paradise.