ANA meeting with city authorities

Left to right: Omar Larios Coordinador de Participación Ciudadana; Christian Hernandez, Director operativo Policía Municipal; Viviana Testón, administradora Asoc. De Vecinos de la Colonia Amapas A.C.; Norma Gordian dirección de Vinculación Ciudadana Policía Municipal; Sylvia Toy President of the board, Robert Howell secretary of the board,  and Don Pickens vocal  of board.

In February your ANA Board met with the new authorities of the Police under the Authority of the Marina Police for the purpose of establishing a relationship with the new Authorities managing Police Protection; the Office of Citizen Participation also attended.

Did you know that a new police chief from the Police Marines (Navy) has been placed in charge of policing Puerto Vallarta? We found the new representative to be most professional and attentive to our concerns.

Your Board brought up three critical issues affecting YOUR AMAPAS; vehicles consistently blocking the Callejon de La Igualdad, speeding and reckless driving on HWY 200 through Amapas , and noise issues from parties at private homes and businesses.

Mexico is a personalized culture and your Board knows that establishing a personal relationship with these officials is critical in meeting your needs as members. Additionally, President Toy shared the highly improved crime data from AMAPAS due to the effectiveness of our Neighborhood Watch Programs and the Security Council. We have planned follow up conversations with the group and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship Our Individual and Full Building Memberships help to support our office functioning including our Administrator who has developed a strong relationship with the City.

Individuals and Buildings who do not pay membership fees benefit as well, but they do not contribute to the cost of running ANA. You can help ANA by reminding your friends and acquaintances who are not members and perhaps in buildings not paying their fare share to contribute.

Individuals can join on our web page under MEMBERSHIP, and full buildings can contact Viviana Teston at to join.