ANA Great Neighbor Awards

The ANA Board wishes to recognize and Thank Great Neighbors. These are individuals or Boards that have made special contributions to the Amapas Neighborhood.

We recognize KIND NEIGHBORS OF LA CIMA III ( A FULL BUILDING MEMBERSHIP) WHO WISH TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS for their generous cash donation to build the trash receptacle at Los Pinos and Highway 200. These generous folk donated the money and ANA did the legwork with the city permit and managed the construction crew to build a trash container that will greatly enhance all the neighbors properties. Thank You! See before and after photos below:

Before After

We recognize the BOARD OF SAYAN TROPICAL (FULL BUILDING MEMBERSHIP), HOA PRESIDENT GLENN LUCHIES, AND VICTOR RODGRIGUEZ, MANAGER for purchasing the materials and providing the labor for the repair of teeth jarring pot-holes at the intersection of Highway 200 and Calle Sta. Barbara. This area and all of Calle Sta Barbara have been severely damage during
construction of large Condos on Calle Sta. Barbara. ANA provided consultation to the Administration regarding requirements of road repair, and obtained a permit from the city.


Once the fate of SERENA is determined, ANA wants volunteers on Calle Sta. Barbara to raise funds for repairs and work with the Developers to contribute as well.