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The Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) has five Board members:  Don Pickens (Treasurer), Sylvia Toy (Secretary), Gene Mendoza (Security), Harris Spiridonidis (Responsible Development), and Yasmin Todd (Volunteers). With Tom Swale’s passing and Michael Linder moving back to Dallas, we are short two Board members.
We met recently to review outstanding projects. During this time of great loss and transition, we want to make sure we use our limited time, energy, and resources in a meaningful manner.  We wish to continue the following projects as soon as possible:
Fundraising for Tom Swale Memorial Sidewalk:  to fulfill Tom’s wish to complete the sidewalk and add a permanent memorial of some sort, we will begin this project by mid-July.
Board Replacements:  Are you interested in serving your community? See the article below to learn more about the criteria.
Security:  The summer months are prime time for robberies to occur – many residents are gone and people are looking for easy things to steal.  The WhatsApp system is a great way to ensure the police are alerted when a crime is in progress.  Gene Mendoza heads up this effort.
ANA Business Brochure:  The summer months are a great time to round up businesses to advertise in ANA’s second Business Brochure.  Sylvia Toy is responsible for this fundraiser.
Pilitas Stairs:  A permit in the process to be granted.  A design has been selected.  Viviana will be responsible for overseeing this project.
Other projects planned for the fall:  Dinner Dance (Sylvia), Caballito Stairs (Gene), Monthly Meet and Greet (Sylvia), Membership Campaign (Sylvia), Repainting crosswalks and sidewalk curb (Gene)
Projects to be taken up after October:  Drag Derby, Presidents Reception, Mariachis Margaritas and More, Building Administrators, AMPI Meetings, Junta Vecinal, ANAual Fundraising, Topes on Callejon and Macuaz