One Pothole Fixed, 86,793 to Go!

Bill A's Hortensias Tire-Eater Pic Hortensias-Highway Repair-July 2013While the city is full of potholes this time of year, this one where Hortensias meets Highway 200 was a dangerous hole into the drainage grate.

Alert new ANA member Steve Moore (Brisa Lunar) recently spotted it and let Administrator Jae Palsce know.  One of the new concrete beams supporting the big metal drainage grates had essentially ‘melted’ away in the summer rains, leaving a nest of exposed rebar – nasty surprise for an unwary driver coming up or down the hill.

As a Junta Vecinal, our Association is able to get the attention of Obras Publicas, which handles street repair.  As a result of persistent calls and emails from our Administrator, O.P. dispatched a repair crew to replace the missing cement – problem solved.  Your ANA in Action.