On occasion this question has been asked.  This topic was addressed by President Sylvia Toy at the President’s Reception and MÁS event held on November 20th.   Let’s connect some dots to assist in clarifying how ANA works with our members and potential members.

DOT #1:  ANA is a non-profit organization.  We receive no City, State or Federal funds.  Legally, a non-profit organization is focused on not generating profit and no part of the organization’s income is distributed to its members, directors, or officers.  A perfect description of ANA!

Our sources of income are memberships – individual, full-building memberships, business sponsors, and donations.  Donations take several forms – direct donations such as ANAual Giving and donations associated with an event, such as ANA’s Annual Dinner Dance.

Individual memberships are 1500 pesos per unit.  Full building memberships are 1300 pesos per unit.  These funds are not sufficient to cover ANA’s basic operations which include salaries for two individuals, office rent, office utilities, highway maintenance (paint and plant growth trimming), fixing potholes and other street repairs) at an annual cost of about $37,000 USD (684,500 pesos at 18.5 exchange rate).

So, how does ANA get the money to cover its basic operations AND do everything it does?

DOT #2:   ANA RAISES FUNDS!!  We sell memberships and advertising in our Business Brochure.  We organize fundraising events – Mariachis, Margaritas and More, Annual Dinner Dance, and this year’s Holiday Bazaar.  Yes we want them to be interesting and exciting so ANA members and others want to attend and have a good time.  Who wants to go to a dull, boring party?  For the past couple of years we’ve also conducted the ANAual Giving event for those who want to do a donation not associated with an event.

DOT #3:  THERE ARE LOTS OF ORGANIZATIONS IN PV COMPETING FOR FUNDS.  If you’ve spent any time in Vallarta you know that there are many charitable events and lots of groups asking for money.  ANA is one of those groups and you directly benefit from your contributions.  How?  Private donations brought you the highway sidewalk.  It’s safer to walk to and from the beach and downtown.  Oh, but you only drive?  How many renters also rent a car?  Not many.  The highway sidewalk makes it safer for them to get about town and you get to advertise on your rental site that your location is conveniently walkable.  The sidewalk is also an attraction for others looking to purchase your condo.  It makes our neighborhood accessible and attractive.  Additionally, the sidewalk is used twice daily by our Mexican National neighbors, maids, workers, and friends to go to and from work.  The sidewalk was a great way to give back to our community!

DOT #4:  ANA BUILDS COMMUNITY.  But let’s get back to ANA’s parties.  Monthly ANA holds a Meet and Greet at one of your neighbor’s residence.  They open their home up for ANA members to get to know each other and hear the latest news.  This monthly event is one of the most significant differences between ANA and other neighborhood associations – we create community.  ANA members know each other.  They become friends and acquaintances.  They learn about what makes us similar as we navigate our lives here in paradise.  And why is it important to know your neighbors?  Neighbors who know each other experience less crime.  Neighbors look out for each other.

So, next time someone asks you why does ANA have so many parties, we hope that you too can answer their question and connect the dots.