ANA Meets with Mayor’s Office


City Hall was the site of a March 3 meeting between members of the ANA Board and Secretario Particular Oscar Ernesto Perez – the Mayor’s personal representative – to discuss the status of the Amapas Security Patrol.

Secretary Perez was cordial and helpful.  He confirmed that the long-awaited fleet of 50 new police cars has been delivered, and is waiting to be equipped with radios, light-bars, etc.  He estimated another two weeks before they appear on our streets.  As promised, one of the 50 cars will be assigned to patrol Amapas and Conchas Chinas exclusively.

The status of our totaled Amapas Patrol car was also discussed.  Despite pressing demands for other Public Works throughout Puerto Vallarta, Secretary Perez affirmed the City’s commitment to carry out a number of improvement projects submitted last month by the ANA, and promised action – which (due to budget restraints) may only be in the form of planning and construction labor – soon.

As a result, we anticipate meeting with ranking members of Obras Publicas and City Services to discuss project particulars in the very near future.

Amapas now appears to have the City Administration’s attention, and we’ll follow up, and report further developments as they happen.