BOMBEROS TO THE RESCUE: What goes around, comes around

Last Monday, Amapas residents got to see our friends the Bomberos – the uniformed guys from Proteccion Civil – in action…twice!  Residents of Las Moradas, at the end of Gardenias, almost couldn’t get to their homes when mud, rocks and debris overwhelmed the drainage system and piled up on the street.

ANA’s Administrator made the call.  And, in short order, a road crew showed up to clear the street and restore access.
The same afternoon, a water truck lost its brakes, and took out a stone wall, large tree, and the neighbors’ newly installed fiber optic Telmex line with it, as it rolled over onto Callejon de la Igualdad.  The Callejon was completely blocked by the overturned truck and a mound of debris.

Police and Bomberos were quickly on the scene, seeing to the rescue of the driver, who was taken to a local hospital for a checkup. They emptied the truck’s diesel fuel and cargo, and towed the truck.  Next  morning, a Bomberos survey team arrived to assess damage to the street and needed repairs.

As we know, things don’t always happen quickly here, and the rapid response in both cases may be partly due to the good relations ANA has worked to foster with Police and Bomberos.  It also might have something to do with the generosity of ANA members and neighbors who donated over $10,000 USD to furnish and equip the Bomberos ‘Casita’ just south of us on Highway 200.

Thanks to our friends the police and Bomberos for being there when we needed them!

At publication time, our Administrator is working with Proteccion Civil, Obras Publicas, and affected neighbors to get the streets completely cleaned, and the clogged drain cleared to reduce the likelihood of future backups on Gardenias.