If you live in Horizon, Terrazas Del Mar or La Cima III, you may have noticed the new cement curb on your way up Los Pinos – now painted warning yellow – with a ‘No Parking’ sign embedded in it.

With City Hall and the owner of the property where erosion is undermining the pavement locked in a finger-pointing contest about who is responsible to repair this dangerous condition.ANA worked with Proteccion Civil and Obras Publicas to get the curb installed to prevent further erosion from the summer rains while we continue to work for a safer and more permanent solution.

Meanwhile, parking on the undermined pavement is potentially dangerous – to both the street and the illegally parked vehicle.  If you see cars parked in front of our new curb and ‘No Parking’ sign, note the details – make, model and color, license plate – and call, or ask your Administrator to call, Transito at 322-22-680 82.  They will ticket and/or tow illegally parked vehicles.