Hortensias Street

Hortensias is an important and sloped street providing access to much of upper Amapas. It is built with cement and rocks and has a lot of potholes.  During the rainy season it is very slippery.

The first part of the street that connects to 200 high way is narrow, and has an almost 90° turn left to the top of the hill, just to get even more narrow in front of Villas Loma Linda entrance. In front of Villas Mediterraneas, a natural water course  brings silt and rocks  from storm water to a ditch  where cars, trucks, taxies, and even our Patrol have a hard time to make it up the hill. From Villas de La Colina II to Villas Ivoneka a sinking has become apparent  for a few months.

The ANA wants to plan an ambitious project to build cement tracks in the street to make it easier to climb hills. But the work is very expensive so we need to bring together the city hall and neighbors to make it possible.  It will take some time and organizing.

ANA has already started some work at Hortensias, with Obras Publicas (city hall) providing the labor.  ANA has paid for supplies and has made progress in filling potholes, and fixing the drainage in front of Villas Mediterraneas.

We are looking for an active and interested neighbor on Hortensias who speaks Spanish to help coordinate this project.  If you are interested please contact Administrator Viviana Teston at admin@amapaspv.com.