No Progress as ANA Meets D’Terrace Developers

THURSDAY MARCH 20, 2014 PUERTO VALLARTA:  Amapas Neighborhood President Tom Swale, Administrator Jae Palsce, Architect Jose Alfonso Baños and ANA’s legal counsel met with Morey Applegate and Pedro Robin of Applegate Realtors, D’Terrace architect and developer Octavio Lopez, and one of his investors to discuss the D’Terrace Project today.
No offers were made to the ANA reps regarding reducing the height or overall size of the project to bring it within Plan Parcial limits.  Neither did they deny that the building was being developed as described.


Baños recounted some of the ways in which the proposed development violates this Plan by over twice the permitted density and height.  Swale stated that it is not the ANA’s goal to stop development, rather to enforce the Plan Parcial placed into law by the city for the size and scale of such development.  He stated the ANA would love to promote developers who work within the law.
The developers made the following points:
  • The development is legal because they have a permit
  • They are developing a condo building that will bring wealthy homeowners to Amapas
  • Their building is not causing damage to anyone so they should be allowed to build it
  • That’s the way that development has been done in Puerto Vallarta
While maintaining that the ANA did not understand what the development was, and was misrepresenting its legality, neither the developer nor the Realtor disputed the stated facts.