ANA 2nd Annual Business Brochure

Last year ANA introduced its first Business Brochure.  It was beautifully put together and featured the logos and advertisements of the many businesses that support ANA and offer its members various discounts.  The professional compilation provided ANA’s business sponsors with concrete evidence of a benefit from which they could benefit – professional advertising for a low cost.  During Hot Season ANA office staff and Sylvia Toy have been producing the second annual ANA Business Brochure.  It has been a huge success and great fundraiser.  It will be ready for distribution in October.  Look for it soon!

Need home repairs?  Frank Horvath, ANA member, is available year-round for all types of repairs and fix-it services.  Contact him at Frank’s Fix It Company 322-118-3197.  (See the Back to School Special article and find out why he’s such a special guy.)