Hortensias Paving Project. Fundraiser Update April 12th.

Repaving Hortensias from Highway 200 to La Cima I will benefit everyone who lives on or visits Hortensias  or Gardenias, and improve our property values.

Our announced deadline for funds is April 15, when we will officially inform City Hall that we have the money to pay for our share of the project, but we will continue to raise funds to cover the surprises and opportunities that a major public works improvement project like this inevitably encounter once construction begins.

Be part of the solution!  You can chip in your share and/or check our funding progress at www.GoFundMe.com/FixHortensias — if you haven’t already made a contribution, please go there now!

Our thanks to everyone who has already pledged or contributed, including:


Vista Romantica
Monte Vista
Brisa Lunar
Las Hortensias
Estrellita del Mar
Vista Amapas
Myrna Brown
Irene Brumbaugh
W. E. Dean
Selva Mar
Tom and Patty Stathopoulos
Rolf Engstrom and Larry Leebens
Lauren Spray and Harvey
Sue Hinves
Bill Ragan
Jeff Marsh
Stuart Schneider
Chris Ryder
Brad Price Kevin Case
David Arpin
Bill and Mary Fellows
Bob & Steve & Ed & Jon
Alan Pyle
John Lance Erikson

Rosemary Sheffield
Tom Swale
Terry & Ron Prill

Vicky Rhyne
Shane Noseworthy
Maria Restrepo Forte


Villas Loma Linda 
Ken Shanoff

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION: If you haven’t already pledged or paid, please do so now!  Contribute at www.GoFundMe.com/FixHortensias or contact Viviana Teston at admin@amapaspv.com or 322-244-0185 to pay by check or make other arrangements.