Hortensias Paving

The Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) has been working with Puerto Vallarta’s municipal government to pave cement tracks on Calle Hortensias (entrance to Gardenias and Hortensias condos) from Highway 200 to the fork at La Cima 1. ANA has obtained a commitment from City Hall to provide the labor and equipment – about half the total cost…if  neighbors can raise the funds for materials and project management.

 Our total share of the cost is only $200,000 pesos = about $11,100 USD.

If we share the cost fairly among the 200+ private homes and condo units on Hortensias and Gardenias, we can do this quickly and painlessly.

How It Works

The donor should write a check or contribute cash to the ANA.  ANA will issue a Factura, and – in the unlikely event that we don’t reach our goal, we will inform the participates by April 15th and your money will be fully refunded by the end of April.