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Amapas Top Recycling Tips.

1. R & R & R  Reducing the amount that we consume, is the first step. Using a water filter and reusable container you can reduce or completely eliminate your need for disposable plastic bottles. Finding constructive Reuses for “waste” materials is next. If it’s broken, fix it don’t replace it! If you can, return […]

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Hortensias Street

Hortensias is an important and sloped street providing access to much of upper Amapas. It is built with cement and rocks and has a lot of potholes.  During the rainy season it is very slippery. The first part of the street that connects to 200 high way is narrow, and has an almost 90° turn […]

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Trafic Signs on Hortencias Street.

If you live or visit on Hortencias Street and use Pulpito Street (upper side) to connect, you might have noticed the signs near Vista Grill were odd and misplaced.  It seems that it would be something simple to change; however, as we’ve all learned, easy is not as easy it seems.  We have been chasing […]