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VEA Report #2

Reporting Crime and Police Response Procedures As part of ANA’s Collaboration on Crime Prevention  VEA is Vallarta’s new neighborhood-based crime prevention program – sort of a ‘Neighborhood Watch’ on steroids, providing instant reporting via Whatsapp, VEA is an acronym for Vecinos En Alerta – ‘Neighbors on the Lookout’ – and Amapas has been invited to […]

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On March 23, mostly Gringo ANA co-hosted our first bilingual, bicultural celebration of international friendship with mostly Mexican sister association Viejo Vallarta (part of Emiliano Zapata) at the Lions Club, and it was a blast. Over 300 guests sampled great food provided by 40 top Vallarta restaurants and caterers, accompanied by Mariachi music.  Margaritas flowed […]

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ANA’s NEW VEA PROGRAM: ‘Neighborhood Watch’ on steroids

Your Amapas Neighborhood Association has an excellent relationship with our local police.  That’s one reason they invited our colonia to participate in the new VEA Program – a sort of ‘Neighborhood Watch on steroids’ with an added Whatsapp element to ensure a rapid response in crime emergencies. It’s all about crime prevention and community participation, […]


911 has finally arrived in Puerto Vallarta as a universal emergency phone number – and the operators speak English!  But to get truly rapid response throughout greater Vallarta, it’s necessary to upgrade the radio transmissions of our emergency responders: police and bomberos. Local businesses attempted to raise $10,000 USD through private donations.  But contributions stalled […]

2017 MEMBERSHIP & RENEWALS – Season-to-Date

ANA is the official representative of Colonia Amapas to City Hall, so if you want your voice heard & your concerns addressed, membership in the Amapas Neighborhood Association is your best bet. All ANA’s Full Member Buildings have renewed for 2017, rejoined by Brisas Lunar, joined by Estrella Del Mar, and bringing our total to […]